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Completed Project Portfolio 2008-2018




Resources managed:

 Teams as small as 4 and as large as 30 located in more than a dozen countries.  




Number of projects initiated:


More than 50.




Number of projects completed:

More than 50.




Value of resources managed 2008 - 2018:
          - (staff, expense, and capital dollars)

Just under





Completed Projects


For BDP International:

    1. Assumed project management for development of an enterprise-level document distribution system supporting Department of Homeland Security and International Logistics Best Practices.  The rules-based system integrated various source systems with the ability to manage more than 12 million documents annually.  This project had twice failed under prior teams.  Under the team I managed, the project was completed and deployed in eight months, on time, within budget, and according to specifications.  The project was managed using a “fusion” of both Waterfall and Agile practices.

    2. Manage the development and integration of an EDI system that joined BDP and Honeywell systems.

    3. Managed development and deployment of enterprise-class Tietan logistics management system for BDP Columbia.

    4. Managed development and deployment of enterprise-class Tietan logistics management system for BDP Sweden.

    5. Managed teams from the US, Columbia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, and Belgium.

    6. Manage the development and integration of an EDI system that joined BDP and SABIC systems.

    7. Manage the development and integration of an EDI system that joined BDP and Lubrizol / Elemica systems.

    8. Manage the development and integration of an EDI system that joined BDP and Dupont's Chemours "spinoff" company.

    9. Manage the development and integration of an EDI system that joined BDP's Global Air Freight Logistics with Decartes to then communicate with 200 airlines world-wide.

    10. Manage the development and integration of an EDI system that joined BDP's Logistics Systems with Harman Corp.

    11. Manage the development and wordl-wide deployemnt of BDP's Smart Vertical application, providing logistics status to clients world-wide on devices large and small; devleoped in an Agile environment.


For Independence Blue Cross:

1. Responsible for project management of all mobile projects including smart phones and tablets and three operating systems (IOS, Android, and Windows).  Publicly facing industry leading app developed on the Kony platform.

2. All activities managed in an Agile environment operating within IBC governance tools including Clarity integrated with MS Project, HP Service Manager to Manage Quality Assurance, and industry-leading development tools.

3. Managed 12 releases of IBX’s Mobile Application and the March, 2014 rollout of Amerihealth New Jersey’s Application


For the Neat Company:

    1. Implement PMO and Agile approaches in the IS and IT organizations.

    2, Responsible for infrastructure support teams-both internal employees and vendors in India, Canada, and the US.

    3. Evaluate leading commercial billing solutions.  (Zuora, Aria, Vindicia, and Transverse.)  Engaged with architects’ at all four companies to document and contrast billing architectures of each product as they related to Neat's subscription billing needs.

    4. Develop use cases for Proof-of-Concept demonstrations.  Worked with all four vendors to deliver POCs.

    5. Project responsibility for architecture to migrate from problematic custom internal subscription billing system to a commercial system integrated with ERP (NetSuite), Accounting (MS Dynamics), and operations (custom system based on multi-terabyte MongoDB with more than 10,000 entities, hosted at Amazon)

    6. Governance responsibilities included direction of portfolio of 102 smaller projects leading to Neat's PCI remediation and certification.  Extensive details at www.PCIprojectmanagement.com.

    7. Managed deployment of new VOIP telephone system

    8. Deployed new Call Center Software (Telax)

    9. Stabilized NetSuite as the enterprise systems software.  

    10. Designed, supervised development, and deployed new Shipping System that increased shipping capacity from 2,100 packages per day to 22,000 packages per day.

    11. Responsible for planning for new Enterprise Software Platform, delivering Data Warehouse (OLAP) and operational database (OLTP) infrastructure and staffing and managing new team for the development and deployment of the system


    1. Oversaw analysis of ARI's core legacy systems by leading small team who read COBOL code and developed dataflow diagrams meta-data dictionary, and database (ERD) diagrams.

    2. Developed high-level project costs and project plans for implementation.

    3. Analyzed ARI's 22 .NET client server and web application interfaces to legacy system and developed dataflow diagrams and meta-data dictionaries.

    4. Developed interface specifications and then high-level architecture to plan on integration of Odessa Lease-Wave to ARI's internal systems.

    5. Worked with Odessa's architects to understand Odessa's architecture and how components could be interfaced to various ARI systems.


For ALC & Empathy Lab:

    1.      E-Commerce Support: Responsible for VM/Linux servers  running ATG-platform e-commerce applications.

    Managed support team providing e-commerce platform support including setting up, managing, and supporting physical and virtual machine support for e-commerce platforms.  (ALC & Empathy Lab)

    2.      External Audits: Prepare Documentation and remediate 100% of issues identified by Amex and CitiBank.  


    Served as the point-of-contact and project manager for security assessment and security audit teams from key customers American Express and CitiBank.  All policy, procedure,  and technical concerns raised by those audits were rapidly addressed to client satisfaction.  (ALC)


    3.      Cognos Reports inventory:  downsized (527 to 443) and 75% reduction in support hours.


    Customer support systems based on Cognos applications were reengineered and consolidated from 527 to 443.  This enabled a reduction of Cognos support hours by 75%. (ALC)


    4.      VMware:  server operating system introduced and deployed.

    Xen was replaced by VMware as the company's key virtualization platform.  VMware was deployed on production servers as the key technology to enable server consolidation. (ALC)


    5.      Server replacements: Replacement of Production Servers and server consolidation  

    About 52 production servers were replaced and consolidated into a net of 23 servers..  Each production server replaced enabled us to consolidate between four and six legacy servers, depending on application workloads. This included migration of certain applications from Solaris to Linux. This also included running both Windows Server and Linux under VM.  (ALC)


    6.      WAN: Replacement and enlargement of MPLS network and web access lines.

     Our "mesh" type wide area network based on MPLS technology was upgraded nationwide, with dramatic increases in bandwidth and reliability. (ALC)


    7.      Notes Upgrade: Migration of Lotus Notes 6 to Notes 8 to prepare for Microsoft Migration.  


    More than fifty Lotus Notes applications were reengineered to work under Lotus 8 and users were migrated from Lotus 6 to Lotus 8. (ALC)


    8.      Notes Consolidations: Consolidation of 12 servers into 4 to prepare for Microsoft Migration.

    Twelve servers located in sites across the nation were consolidated into four servers divided between two sites.  (ALC)


    9.      Gift-to-Give:  Proof-of-Concept Web interface and back-office processing procedures.

    Demonstration project successfully developed and deployed that included web interface, ecommerce, customer service, and interface with banking, financial reporting, and accounting systems. (ALC)


    10.     Oracle: Upgrade of internal applications from Oracle 9i to 10g.

    All in-house Oracle applications were migrated from Oracle 9i to 10g. (ALC)


    11.     New Financial Reporting Systems : Deployment of Clarity Financial Reporting with MS DynamicsGP accounting.  

    In order to introduce rolling forecasts (and other features), Clarity Financial Reporting was installed and deployed on an in-house server and connected to Microsoft Dynamics GP (accounting) software.  (ALC)


    12.     Empathy Lab support: Complete replacement of network, servers, data communications, and support staff.

    This included Microsoft (local) and Linux (remote, VM) servers, CISCO network gear, VPN, and expanded internet bandwidth.  (Empathy Lab)


    13.     Vendor Management: Negotiated reduction of expense at more than two dozen vendors.

    From telecom to copiers, and from servers to maintenance renewals on equipment and software,  success was obtained in developing more favorable pricing in almost every business department.  (ALC & Empathy Lab)


    14.     BBx output interface: Development of BBx-to-fax, BBx-to-email, and BBx-to-print infrastructure.  


    A new output architecture enabled the elimination of labor by converting paper processes to a combination of email, fax, and email-driven-downloads.  Overtime, this architecture will also enable retirement of obsolete printers with legacy print drivers. (ALC)


    15.     Rodale Reporting System Reengineered.

    A system that over many years had evolved to incorporate conflicting data was re-architected and engineered to run reliably and produce consistent calculations. (ALC)


    16.     Security: Various improvements recommended by external security auditor 100% implemented.  

    This included replacement of wireless access points with the latest devices capable of acceptable encrypted protocols. (ALC)


    17.     BCC Address Standardization and NCOA system deployed.                 


    Services previously outsourced to a third party vendor were brought in-house to reduce costs and increase revenue. (ALC)


    18.     Telephony: Replacement of conventional phone system with VOIP-based system.  


     Avaya equipment replaced on all sites with combination of Polycom and Asterisk hardware and software. (ALC)


    19.     Video: Replacement of Polycom ISDN video conferencing with introduction of ooVoo and Skype video conferencing via web.


    This increased the number of people using video conferencing while greatly reducing costs. (ALC)


    20.     SAN:  Acquisition and deployment of Compellent Storage Area Network (SAN).

    Compellent SANs evaluated, purchased, and deployed. (ALC)


    21.     Online count system: Developed and rolled out prototype for internal use.

     This reduced production labor while speeding time to deliver information to customers. (ALC)


    22.     Help Desk Management: Improved staff skills and deployed new support software while reducing headcount, and slowing rates of hardware and software replacement and upgrades.  

     Kayako software enabled Help Desk to respond to devices powered by Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS,  Blackberry, and Android devices. (ALC)


    23.     Data Centrix Pricing – Standard Pricing Model developed and deployed.  

     New model provided the sales team with a clearly understandable to drive new sales. (ALC)


    24.     Sales support: Creation of text supporting various sales proposals including World Vision and Amex.   

    We supported many such proposals each year. (ALC)


    25.     Messaging: Migrated from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook & SharePoint(and related reduction of Email Administration staff).


    This included the re-development of Notes applications into the SharePoint environment. (ALC)

    26.   DR/BC: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan Development and Implementation.

     Developed and Deployed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans that include artifacts for crisis management, temporary and continuing facilities deployment, resource acquisition, and transition planning for both corporate and regional sites. (ALC)